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At Smiling Dental, we know that you’re the kind of person who wants to find a dentist they feel good about trusting with their family’s health. You’re probably tired of other offices where you see a new dentist and staff each time. You don’t need yet another dentist who makes you feel guilty about your smile problems, or squeezes in as many patients as possible, or makes you feel bad about having to keep saying “no thanks” to the treatment they keep pushing on you.

Finding a dentist you trust can be frustrating. Following bad advice can cost more than just your money… it can cost your health too.

The problem is that if you are like 90% of the patients we meet, you’ve had some bad experiences at the dentist in the past, whether that was as a child or as an adult. That makes you nervous about visiting again, even though you know that the longer you put off your problems, the harder and more expensive they become to fix.


Hi,  I am Dr. Meagan Bennett Ling, also known as “mom…mom…mom”, Dr. Meg, and Peggy (by my hubby). If you are looking to get to know me better, I’m here to give you the scoop! 

I knew I wanted to be a dentist and have a huge family from the time I was a young girl. I have 5 children… yes… you read that right! 4 daughters and 1 son… who keep me on my toes! When I started dating my husband I told him I was going to have 6 kids with him, so maybe it’ll be 6 kids next year! My husband is Dr. Michael Ling and we have been together since dental school. We are a super hero couple with super powers that include creating smiles and little… 



Dr. Michael Ling

Hi, I’m Dr. Michael Ling.

I’m the luckiest dentist in the world, getting to work with this amazing Dream Team. We might be a new dental practice, but our team has been together for many, many years. We’ve been through our share of ups and downs, and that’s only brought us closer together.


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